Exhibition at the Baumwoll-
spinnerei-Rundgang in Leipzig
in January 2019 with the Phyllis Johnson collective.


Poster design, phone design, social media, exhibition design
and  organisation, technical assistance


The visitors were invited to use
a number of differently designed phones and experience the im-
pact of its shape and conception
to the way we communicate.


The Phyllis Johnson collective performed as the Costumer
Service and guided through the exhibition. It’s ringing, just take
the call, talk and listen.

The phone called »Ärmelkanal« creates a new user experience of making a phone call. In contrast to other electric phones in our everyday life, this phone connects two people not only verbally, but also corporally. Phones are integrated into the sleeves of the two jackets, so that you can speak into and through both bodies.

A blinking red light is used as a nonverbal communication tool based on morse code. The communication is limited to confessional questions and the answers »yes« and »no« are written on an instruction paper. When your secrets are too disturbing to talk about, let the red light speak for you!

Exhibition poster:
A persiflage to the indispensable smile of customer service and the dissatisfied customers. Turning the poster upside down transforms the plastic smile into a grimace.

This is a tin can telephone. Open your lips, stretch the string and talk.